Learning the Roots
Salsa and Flamenco are profound art forms which allow individuals to express even their deepest sentiments . The intensity of its music and its energetic dance reveals a vision of life that is full of pride, passion, honor, death, sorrow, and love. Yvonne presents her dancers (children, teens as well as adults) the unique opportunity of studying, practicing and performing flamenco and/or salsa adding her cuban touch and vision.

Yvonne Gutierrez guides experienced and non-experienced dancers in both theory and practice, sharing a deep understanding of the dance forms. She manages to tap into the power and strength of its magic through rigorous yet passionate classes and workshops.

A welcoming and encouraging teacher, trainer and choreograher, Yvonne has also appeared on national and international television, magazines and newspapers. Training in dunham technique (thanks to the late Pearl Reynolds), ballet, modern dance and jazz have served to enhanced her vision as an educator.