As a dance student from Montreal-Canada, I wanted to learn every dance move from the well know master Eddie Torres.  Several months after my first class with Eddie I met Yvonne Gutierrez.  She noticed my passion and dedication for dancing. She kindly offered some help.  Yvonne's mastery in the execution of the Eddie Torres steps impressed me. The grace, precision in which she executed the "poetic Latin moves" became a source of inspiration.

When she took me under her wing, I felt very privileged and start receiving her precious training. After being accepted in the Eddie Torres Dance Company, because of her coaching I was enlightened with confidence to push myself and become a performer.

I will always remember my first show with the company. I was nervous and felt I had so much to learn as a new member.  Yvonne brought me to her dance school, put me on stage and sat down in the audience to watch, correct and give advice for a few hours. Her disciplinary way of training me has contributed to my entire career.

Back in Canada now, after having performed several times for the company and assisting Eddie Torres in classes around the world, I have ventured on my own path. I share the knowledge I have acquired in this art form to new students and dancers. Yvonne's spirit of dance is always with me. I am truly thankful to this lady who believed in me from the first sight and gave me the right tools to develop my professionalism in the dance field.

Merci beaucoup,

Caroline Pare