I began my dance training at age six at Ballet Hispanico School of Dance where I was introduced to ballet, modern and flamenco. I remained there for several years and progressed into the Apprentice Company where Yvonne became my instructor. She had us travel all over the city performing for several events. She created intense summer workshops that introduced us to many other types of dance such as Brazilian and from her own heritage, she taught Afro-Cuban. I graduated from the High School of Performing Arts where I had the opportunity to study with various artists. I received the opportunity to be presented as a solo artist on a program on the Arts and Entertainment channel for a program entitled "The Gifted Ones" and I have received two Tito Puente scholarships.  In 1993, my family and I were struck with the most devastating event. My mother passed away and I lost the dream to follow my passion... TO DANCE. Within 5 years, I had a little girl, who is now one of Yvonne's "little diva's". I always thought I was blessed with a little girl so she can make my mother proud and become a dancer. That is all my mother wanted from me. In 1998 Yvonne opened my heart to finding my desire again. She invited me to dance for Flamenco Latino with her and we traveled to Colorado to perform in the Colorado Dance Festival. We went to Panama as well to perform for an orphanage group named El Nino Divino. I am presently dancing for Yvonne's group Herencia. We had the opportunity to be the opening act for the Salsa Congresso in the Copacabana Fall 2003.  We are continuously performing for many events through out the city. There are no words to describe Yvonne's fervor for dance. She has the most stimulating, and energetic aura; you feel it the minute you walk into that studio. Her zeal propels at me which makes me thrive to perform. Performing is my life; it takes me away to another world where I express my deepest emotions. Yvonne:  I never had the opportunity to thank you for reminding me that dancing and performing is my ardor. My life is the way it is because of you and I am extremely fortunate to have you in it. Your dedication, commitment and devotion to what you teach will always remain within me. I will never let it leave me again. You showed me that I am great at what I do and to never give up. I will have the enthusiasm for the rest of my life!

Amanda Aviles