Yvonne B. Gutierrez inspires, encourages and teaches you how to dance. I have been dancing with Yvonne for a good seven years and within that time I have grown so much through her support and guidance. I feel that she not only does she care for me as a student but also as a daughter. She always leads in the right direction and as a teenager sometimes it's a little hard for me to see the way. I have learned responsibility, punctuality and discipline are all necessary to make it in dance and in life. She has given me so many great and exciting opportunities. She also does a lot for the community in supporting AIDS and senior citizens organizations. I have been performing for the last six years for all kinds of organizations through Yvonne. I also used to be very shy and with Yvonne's help I am now outgoing. At this point in my life no one would believe I was shy. Yvonne has taught me the true meaning of dance. Dance is about telling a story, expressing your feelings; dance is about reaching out and speaking to the audience, not verbally but with your body. I love to be on stage performing and I thank Yvonne for making that possible. She has been there as a teacher and a parent. Thank you Yvonne for all that you have given me.

On the Glee Project!  -2011

Emily Vasquez