SALSA!  I never knew the true meaning of Salsa until I met Yvonne Gutierrez.  I met Yvonne in a completely different venue in the Fall of 1996.  I worked with her in Higher Education and our relationship grew outside the office as we got to know each other on a personal level.  I'd tag along with Yvonne when she performed or taught a class and I always thought to myself WOW, I wish I could move like that!  Yvonne would encourage me to try whenever she instructed a workshop and slowly I started getting the exposure to the Salsa World, which should've never been foreign to me since my grandparents were of both, Cuban and Jamaican decent. In addition, I've also learned the true art of listening!  In order for one to learn and grasp the "Open Shines" one must know how to listen.  Listen to both the music (so that your timing is correct) and Yvonne's voice calling out the shines. Now, years later I'm proud to say that I attend Yvonne's beginner class on a weekly basis and try to sneak a peak at her intermediate class where I crave for more lessons on learning the movement of the arms and perfecting the counter body movement. Meeting Yvonne was like a "Blessing in Disguise", not only I have begun to learn Salsa but I've gained a true friend and confidant.  A friendship that I will cherish and NEVER give up. Yvonne, thanks for all of your support, guidance and encouragement.
A Friend Forever,
Shannon C. Logan